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YoGoat® has a new flavor!

Blackberry won the vote by a landslide with its smooth, sweet, and refreshing taste. Made with Grade A pasteurized goats milk, live active cultures and no additives or preservatives of any kind makes Yo-Goat® an easily digestible, healthy breakfast or snack option.

Drink it, Pour it, or Blend it into your healthy lifestyle!

Coach Farm is pleased to announce our newest cheese creation, Rawstruck.

This soft ripened 100% Raw Milk Goat Cheese, produced in small quantities just once a month, starts with fresh milk from our herd of French Alpine dairy goats. It is then aged for 60 days, developing a rich creaminess and complex flavor that pleasantly lingers on the palate.

It's been described as "a cheese with a crumbly texture at first that literally melts in your mouth" and the "angel food cake of goat's milk cheese."