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If you love goat cheese, you’ll love our yogurt.
Coach Farm Goat’s Milk Probiotic Yogurt, available in four all natural incredible flavors: Strawberry, Vanilla, Honey and Traditional Plain.
Incelebration of 25 years of creating premium artisanal goat milk dairy products, we are excited to introduce our newest product, Goat’s Milk Probiotic Yogurt. Made fresh on our farm in New York’s Hudson Valley, Coach Farm Goat’s Milk Probiotic Yogurt is made using only the Grade A milk from our own dairy goats.
With all natural flavorings, you can expect no added preservatives of any kind just a delicious artisanal yogurt. And with all-natural live active cultures helping to regulate digestion and support the immune system, regular consumption promotes overall well being of the body. Treat yourself to something good.