Q: Are your goats a special breed?

A: Yes, all of Coach Farm®’s goats are French Alpine which over the years have been prized for their genetics.

Coach Farm Goats

Q: How does goat milk compare to cow milk?

A: Goats milk has smaller fat globules then cow, and is lower in lactose, which makes it easier to digest.

Goats milk is also less allergenic. Levels of Alpha s1 casein protein is 89% less than cow’s milk. Those that have a cow’s milk allergy usually has a sensitivity to this protein.

Source: Nutritional Information based on 1 cup of Whole Goat Milk Vs Whole Cow Milk. Source: Draxe.com/goat-milk/  

Q: What do we feed our goats?

A: Our goats are fed locally grown grains which promote growth, good health and milk production.

Q: How often are the goats milked?

A: Our goats are milked twice a day. The morning and late afternoon.

Q: What type of rennet do we use?

A: We use a vegetable based rennet for all our cheeses.

Q: What type of cultures are in your yo-goat?

A: Our Yo-goat contains a Thermophilic and acidophilous culture added for probiotic growth.

Q: How should someone store our cheese?

A: Our cheeses should be kept in refrigeration. Our hand wrapped cheeses should be stored in the original white paper it was purchased in as this is special cheese paper which has air holes to let the cheese breathe.

Q: Are Coach Farm® products organic?

A: No, we are not organic at this time.

Q: Who founded Coach Farm®?

A: Miles and Lillian Cahn founded Coach Farm® in 1983. Previously they owned Coach Leather before moving upstate to enjoy a more “peaceful” life. Miles had often been quoted that “they were being held hostage by 1000 goats at the farm.”

Q: Where can Coach Farm® cheese, milk and Yo-Goat be found?

A: Our products are available primarily on the east coast of the U.S. The milk is available locally where we make our own deliveries in the Hudson Valley area, New York City, and New Jersey. If you cannot find our products in a store near you please visit our online store at https://www.coachfarmstore.com

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