Aged Goat Cheeses

Traditional Aged Goat Cheese

Aged just a few weeks to develop its edible white rind and moist cake-like center, our Aged Goat Cheese has a slight tang with notes of mushrooms and hay.

Goat Cheese Grating Stick

After approximately 7 weeks of aging, we trim the natural rind of this aged cheese to reveal a hard dry center, perfect for grating.

At first bite, the cheese has a concentrated goat’s milk flavor with a slight bite but the flavors mellow to reveal a smooth and creamy finish. This cheese is excellent grated./p>

Triple Cream Goat Cheese

Creamy, rich, buttery and oh so delicious, this is one of the very few Triple Cream cheeses to be made out of 100% goat’s milk.

With a smooth interior and notes of fresh grass and citrus it’s no wonder its loved by so many.

Available in:

Wheel & Mini Sizes


As the name suggests you will be awestruck by this raw milk, soft ripened goat cheese. Over it’s 60 day aging period it develops a complex flavor of earthy mushrooms and hints of citrus.

Unlike its pasteurized counterpart, the flavor lingers a bit longer to ensure you remember it.

Aged Green Peppercorn Goat Cheese

This soft ripened cheese is made by adding green peppercorns into fresh goat cheese curd. The curd is then shaped and aged just long enough to develop its edible white rind and crumbly smooth interior.

The taste is deliciously earthy, with a slight lemony tang and a spicy kick from the green peppercorns.

Available in:

Brick & Cone Sizes

Hudson Valley Truffle™

Talk about decadence! This bloomy rind cheese elevates the traditional aged goat cheese beyond belief with the addition of shaved truffles and truffle salt.

With its fudgy, cake-like texture and captivating earthy aroma it often becomes a fan favorite.